Chapter 5

Microsoft Account: To Sync or Not to Sync?


check Getting the lowdown on a Microsoft account

check Figuring out whether you even want a Microsoft account

check Getting a Microsoft account without spilling the beans

check Care and feeding of your Microsoft account

check Cutting back on syncing through a Windows account

Microsoft has been trying to get people to sign up for company-branded accounts for a long, long time.

askwoody In 1997, Microsoft bought Hotmail and took over the issuance of email addresses. Even though Hotmail’s gone through a bunch of name changes — MSN Hotmail, Windows Live Hotmail, and now, among others — the original email addresses still work, and have worked, through thick and thin.

Twenty years after its inception, that old ID still works the same as it ever did — except now it’s called a Microsoft account. If you picked ...

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