Chapter 6

Running the Built-In Applications


check Writing with Notepad and WordPad for free

check Setting alarms

check Mapping characters

check Calculating and painting — in 3D!

check Creating sticky notes

New Windows Universal apps are just starting to appear in quantity and quality good enough to drive your everyday computing. We’re still a long way from the all-Universal desktop, but the trend is definitely in that direction.

The big question, at this point, is whether Microsoft can get enough good Universal apps in its store to fend off the rising tide of advanced Web Apps, which can be used with any browser, on any machine. The jury’s still out on that one.

askwoody In this chapter, I introduce you to a handful of useful programs that you’ve already paid for. They aren’t the greatest, but they’re more than adequate in many situations — and when better, free alternatives exist, I tell you about them, ...

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