Chapter 4

Using Web-Based (nee Hotmail)


check Getting the scoop on Hotmail’s long and tortured history

check Starting out with

check Organizing

check Finding out if went down

check Getting some advanced tips

Two months before Microsoft shipped the original Windows 8, the folks in Redmond dropped a bomb on the online email world. Hotmail — one of the best-recognized brands on the planet — would be put out to pasture, replaced by something completely different. Yes, Microsoft tossed out a brand as well known as Coca-Cola or the terms taxi or Visa, and replaced it with …

askwoody If you think that the name was chosen because Microsoft’s new flagship online email service-formerly-known-as-Hotmail looked or acted like Outlook in Office, or Outlook Express, or the Outlook Web App, or Outlook on the iPad, or the Windows 10 Universal ...

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