Chapter 3

Getting Started with Gmail, Google Apps, and Drive


check Using Google alternatives to Microsoft products

check Setting up your Gmail account

check Using Google Docs (Drive)

check Moving your domain to Google

In spite of the rivalry between Microsoft and Google, Google’s so important to today’s computer users that Microsoft builds hooks into Windows 10 that try to get you to add your Gmail account to the Windows Universal Mail app and add your Gmail contacts to the Windows Universal People app. Of course, Google is happy to return the favor, with easy ways to put your Hotmail/ mail inside Gmail, and to import your Hotmail/ contacts into Gmail.

There’s a reason why Microsoft wants you to put your Google eggs in its basket. Google has very good competitors to the Microsoft online stable, er, stables, including the following:

  • Chrome OS, as explained in the nearby sidebar, obviates the need to run Windows for many people.
  • Microsoft Hotmail/, the Windows 10 Universal Mail app, the mail part of Microsoft’s Outlook and Outlook 365, the Outlook Web ...

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