CHAPTER 37Using Windows 10 Group Policies on a Network

Group policies provide a way to configure settings for a group of users or computers and have those settings replicated throughout an organization or enterprise. These settings range from basic interface settings (such as how the taskbar behaves) to settings that modify how a client works on the corporate network (such as looking for system updates from a Microsoft Windows Server Update Service server).

As new versions of Windows are released, new group policies are made available to take advantage of new system components, apps, and features. Conversely, some group policies are removed for security or other reasons not explained by Microsoft.

Understanding Windows 10 Group Policies

When you are responsible for multiple computers, whether it's as few as 100 computers or as many as thousands, you need a way to establish baseline installations of your Windows 10 environment. Creating and managing images is one good way to set this baseline of applications, components, networking settings, device drivers, and the like. Chapter 36 discusses imaging.

However, once you get an image set and deployed, sometimes (or most likely always) you need to make a change to your clients, but you don't have time or the personnel to re-image all systems for that one, minor change. ...

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