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Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

Book Description

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) tells readers everything they need to know in order to harness the power of WMI to automate vast parts of Windows 2000 workstation and server management. The book starts with the absolute basics, teaching the fundamentals of WMI terminology and the VBScript programming language. By the time readers complete the book, the readers will not only have the ability to use the scripts supplied, but also have a good understanding of both WMI and VBScript.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. What Readers Are Saying About Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
  3. About the Authors
  4. About the Technical Editors
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Tell Us What You Think
  7. Introduction
  8. Introduction to WMI
    1. WMI Functions
    2. History
    3. WMI Technology
    4. WMI Structure
    5. Referencing Objects
    6. Searching for Objects
    7. Accessing WMI from Scripts
    8. The WMI Event Model
    9. Summary
  9. Using VBScript
    1. Programming VBScript
    2. Conditional Execution
    3. Accessing WMI from VBScript
    4. Summary
  10. Examining the Filesystem with WMI
    1. Filesystem Basics
    2. Manipulating Files
    3. Directories in WMI
    4. Summary
  11. Remote Administration
    1. Connecting to a Remote Machine
    2. Handling Errors
    3. Representation of Processes in WMI
    4. Summary
  12. WMI Security
    1. Security at the WMI Level
    2. DCOM Security
    3. Underlying Operating System Security
    4. Security Representation Within WMI
    5. Summary
  13. Logs and Reports
    1. Examining the Event Logs with WMI
    2. Reporting with the Windows Installer
    3. Product Representation Within WMI
    4. The WMI Object Browser
    5. Summary
  14. System Configuration
    1. Managing Services with WMI
    2. WMI and the Registry
    3. Summary
  15. Proactive Troubleshooting with WMI Events
    1. WMI Event Basics
    2. Asynchronous Event Notification
    3. Permanent Event Subscription
    4. Summary
  16. WMI and Active Directory
    1. The Structure of ADSI and Its WMI Mapping
    2. Selecting Computers to Manage with Active Directory
    3. Summary
  17. Script Development and Deployment
    1. Making Use of the Windows Scripting Host
    2. Debugging Tools and Techniques
    3. Notes on Script Deployment
    4. Summary
  18. WMI Internals
    1. Inside the Repository
    2. The WMI Scripting API
    3. Summary
  19. WMI on Other Microsoft Platforms
    1. Download and Installation
    2. Running WMI on Windows 95, 98, and Me
    3. Running WMI on Windows NT 4.0
    4. Caveats and Crevices
  20. Accessing WMI from Other Languages
    1. Translating into JScript
    2. Translating into Perl
    3. Translating into Visual Basic
    4. A Note About C/C++