Chapter 2

Installing and Managing Plugins


Check Installing WordPress plugins via the Dashboard

Check Manually installing WordPress plugins

Check Updating plugins

Check Activating and deactivating plugins

Check Deleting plugins

With more than 55,000 plugins available, you have a huge number of options for customizing your site. Book 7, Chapter 1 details what types of plugins are available and where to find them. In this chapter, you start putting these plugins to use. This chapter is dedicated to helping you install, activate, deactivate, update, and delete plugins.

Installing Plugins within the WordPress Dashboard

When you’ve found a plugin in the Plugins page(see Book 7, Chapter 1) that you want to install, you can install it directly from the Dashboard. (If you’ve found a plugin that isn’t in the Directory, you have to install it manually. See the later section “Manually Installing Plugins.”)

WordPress makes it super-easy to find, install, and then activate plugins for use on your blog. Just ...

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