Chapter 10The Field Guide to Lifehackers

Although lifehackers all share the same goal of pursuing a life of passion and purpose, they come in all different shapes and flavors. Here is a quick and easy reference guide to help you recognize the lifehackers that are right for your business, as well as some tips for how to recruit and motivate them to contribute their unique and innovative perspective.


Corporate Compatibility: 8

Behavior in the wild: The Side Hustler is not quite ready to take the leap into a life of free agency, yet understands there is the potential to do something more meaningful. This species of lifehacker tries to straddle both worlds and pursue their lifehack while protected by a more traditional corporate structure with its attendant security and support.

Behavior in captivity: Sneaking off to Starbucks during lunch and stealthily switching tabs to their Gmail during mid day hours is common. The side hustler always has at least one other venture in addition to work duties at all times. The end game for the side hustle, of course, is for it to be the hustle once it gets to a point where the risk-return makes sense.

Care and feeding: Reassure the side hustler that they can be themselves within your corporate structure. Encourage them to side hustle out in the open. Offer them the opportunity to incorporate their side hustles into their workday, as long ...

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