Chapter 4

Agile Frameworks

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering the origins of agile

arrow Understanding lean, extreme programming, and scrum

arrow Connecting the agile frameworks

So where did agile product development come from? What are the sources and influences that created the agile product development framework? What does an approach based on agile look like?

In this chapter, you get an overview of three leading approaches used today to implement an agile project.

Diving Under the Umbrella of Agile Approaches

The Agile Manifesto and the Agile Principles on their own wouldn’t be enough to launch you into an agile project, eager as you might be to do so. The reason is that principles and practices are different. The approaches described in this book provide you with the necessary practices to be successful on an agile project.

Agile is a descriptive term for a number of techniques and methods that have the following similarities:

check.png Development within multiple iterations, called iterative development

Emphasis on simplicity, transparency, and situation-specific strategies

Cross-functional, self-organizing ...

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