Chapter 10

Showcasing Work and Incorporating Feedback

In This Chapter

arrow Showcasing work and collecting feedback

arrow Reviewing the sprint and improving processes

At the end of each sprint, the scrum team gets a chance to put the results of its hard work on display in the sprint review. The sprint review is where the product owner and the development team demonstrate the sprint’s completed user stories to the stakeholders. In the sprint retrospective, the development team, product owner, and scrum master review how the sprint went and determine whether they need any adjustments for the next sprint.

Underpinning both of these events is the agile concept of inspect and adapt, which Chapter 7 explains.

In this chapter, you find out how to conduct a sprint review and a sprint retrospective.

The Sprint Review

The sprint review is a meeting to review and demonstrate the user stories that the development team completed during the sprint. The sprint review is open to anyone interested in reviewing the sprint’s accomplishments. This means that all stakeholders get a chance to see progress on the product and provide feedback.

The sprint review is Stage 6 in the Roadmap to Value. Figure 10-1 shows how the sprint review fits into an agile project.

Figure 10-1: The sprint review in the Roadmap ...

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