Chapter 12

Managing Scope and Procurement

In This Chapter

arrow Finding out how scope management is different on agile projects

arrow Managing scope and scope changes with agile processes

arrow Seeing the different approach agile processes bring to procurement

arrow Managing procurement on agile projects

Scope management is part of every project. To create a product, you have to understand basic product requirements and the work it will take to create those requirements. You need to be able to prioritize and manage scope changes as new requirements arise. You have to verify that finished product features fulfill customers’ needs.

Procurement is also part of many projects. If you need to look outside of your organization for help completing a project, you should know how to go about procuring goods and services. You will want to know how to collaborate with vendor teams during the project. You should also know something about creating contracts and different cost structures.

In this chapter, you find out how to manage scope within an agile project and take advantage of agile methodologies’ welcoming approach ...

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