ASTD Handbook: The Definitive Reference for Training & Development (2nd Edition)

Book description

In today’s parlance, smart board is the new chalkboard and for the profession of training and development, this new, 2nd edition of the ASTD Handbook is the MUST-HAVE resource for every practitioner. The ASTD Handbook (2nd edition), more than a year in the making, maintains the authentic credibility of ASTD’s first Handbook (2008), incorporates the new competencies of the profession, and includes more than 50 chapters authored by the top professionals in the T&D space. This all-new material is not just the "best of," but it is the BEST there is. Together with the first edition it represents the essence of the training practice with solid how-to content, plus tools, resources, technology, and more. Spearheaded by expert trainer and world-renowned author, editor, and speaker, Elaine Biech, this is an essential title for your training library.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. Introduction
  7. Section I: The Training and Development Profession
    1. Luminary Perspective, Shaping the Future of the Training and Development Profession
      1. 1 The Evolution of the Training Profession
      2. 2 ASTD’s New Competency Model
      3. 3 The Importance of Certification
      4. 4 Take Charge of Your Career: Breaking Into and Advancing in the T&D Profession
      5. 5 The Occasional Trainer: What You Must Know to Help Others Learn
      6. 6 What’s on the Horizon for the T&D Profession?
  8. Section II: Assessing and Analyzing Needs
    1. Luminary Perspective, What I Know for Sure: Looking Through a Rearview Mirror
      1. 7 How Do Needs Assessments Align to the Bottom Line?
      2. 8 Data Collection and Assessment: Finding the Right Tool for the Job
      3. 9 Analyzing Needs to Select the Best Delivery Method
      4. 10 You Want It When? Balancing Time, Quality, and Expectations Before Designing
  9. Section III: Designing and Developing Effective Learning
    1. Luminary Perspective, Ideas for Designing and Developing Effective Learning
      1. 11 Design Models and Learning Theories for Adults
      2. 12 SAM: A Practical, Agile Alternative to ADDIE
      3. 13 Using Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy to Flip the Classroom and Create the Best Blend
      4. 14 Captivate Your Learners by Designing Effective Games, Simulations, and Activities
      5. 15 Creating Media Learning Content That’s Fabulous, Fast, and Affordable
      6. 16 Working With SMEs
      7. 17 Curation of Content
      8. 18 The Legal Aspects of Training: Protect What Is Yours and Avoid Taking What Belongs to Someone Else
  10. Section IV: Delivering T&D Solutions That Make a Difference
    1. Luminary Perspective, Delivering T&D Solutions That Make a Difference
      1. 19 Evidence-Based Training: The Most Recent Research for Delivery
      2. 20 Keep Participants Engaged
      3. 21 The Value of Experiential Learning
      4. 22 A Serious E-Learning Manifesto
      5. 23 The Global Virtual Classroom
      6. 24 Pervasive Learning: Formal, Informal, and Social
      7. 25 Learning Informally in Your Workscape
      8. 26 M-Thinking: There’s an App for That
      9. 27 Effective Social Media for Learning
      10. 28 Supporting Worker Performance in the Workplace
  11. Section V: Transferring Learning and Evaluating Impact
    1. Luminary Perspective, The Growing Importance of Measuring Results and Impact
      1. 29 Implement the Four Levels of Evaluation to Demonstrate Value
      2. 30 The Basics of Return-on-Investment
      3. 31 Building the Learning Transfer Competence of Participants
      4. 32 Linking Learning to Performance
      5. 33 Results-Based Evaluation: Keeping the End in Mind
      6. 34 Learning Analytics That Maximize Individual and Organizational Performance
  12. Section VI: Expanded Roles of the T&D Professional
    1. Luminary Perspective, Cobbler, What About Your Shoes? Career Contemplations for T&D Professionals
      1. 35 Designing an Economical and Effective Onboarding Process
      2. 36 Consulting on the Inside
      3. 37 Building Extraordinary Internal Teams
      4. 38 Securing Executive Support: Presenting to the C-Suite
      5. 39 Mentoring: Building Partnerships for Learning
      6. 40 Helping Managers Develop Their Employees
      7. 41 Knowledge Management: An Introduction for T&D Professionals
  13. Section VII: Managing the Business of Training
    1. Luminary Perspective, Tying Training to Business Needs
      1. 42 Developing a Strategy for Training and Development
      2. 43 Building Your Business Acumen
      3. 44 Managing From the Middle: Challenges and Opportunities as a T&D Manager
      4. 45 Project Management for T&D Professionals: Five Steps to Increase Your Effectiveness
      5. 46 Managing Relationships With Universities, Vendors, and Consultants
  14. Section VIII: Developing and Leading Organizations: T&D’s Role
    1. Luminary Perspective, Training and Development’s Role in Developing and Leading Organizations
      1. 47 The Training and Development Professional’s Role in Guiding Change
      2. 48 Strengths-Based Performance Management
      3. 49 Developing Leaders for the Future
      4. 50 How Training and Development Can Help High Potentials Be Successful
  15. Section IX: Contemporary Challenges
    1. Luminary Perspective, Learning Challenges of the Future: Personalization and Control Shifts
      1. 51 Developing Leadership Around the Globe
      2. 52 Challenges and Solutions for a Multigenerational Workforce
      3. 53 The Neuroscience of Learning
      4. 54 The Persistent Classroom
      5. 55 Learning Is Not Optional: A CEO’s Perspective
  16. Appendix A: Glossary
  17. Appendix B: List of Tools
  18. About the Editor
  19. About ASTD
  20. Index

Product information

  • Title: ASTD Handbook: The Definitive Reference for Training & Development (2nd Edition)
  • Author(s): Elaine Biech
  • Release date: May 2014
  • Publisher(s): Association for Talent Development
  • ISBN: 9781607285618