WebLogic Tuxedo Connector

WebLogic Tuxedo Connector provides bi-directional interoperability between Tuxedo application servers and WebLogic Server applications. The interoperability is enabled by the Java Application-To-Transaction-Monitor Interface (JATMI), which is modeled on the Tuxedo ATMI.

WTC has the following core functionalities built in:

  • Bi-directional interoperability— Tuxedo services/CORBA objects can be invoked from EJBs and vice versa

  • Outbound transaction propagation from WebLogic applications into Tuxedo domains

  • Seamless integration of WebLogic services into legacy applications using the e-Link adapters

  • Bi-directional domain and ACL security propagation

  • Messaging integration between Tuxedo /Q and JMS

  • Capability to maintain a pool of ...

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