Chapter 2

Figuring Out Why You’re Addicted to Sugar

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding why sugar is so addictive

arrow Investigating different kinds of addicts

In addition to being the driving force behind a multitude of health problems, sugar is a powerful, mood-altering substance that’s as addictive as cocaine (more on that later in this chapter). No other food component affects your brain as strongly as sugar, and many people literally become addicted to the effects it has on their brain chemistry.

Humans are prone to sugar addiction for many reasons. Everyone has a genetic predisposition to seek out the sweet stuff, and sugar (especially the processed kind) exerts strong effects on the brain and body chemistry that keep people hooked. Many people learn unhealthy eating cues and habits from their parents, and modern society makes sugar plentiful, cheap, and enticing. My goal for this book is to help you gain control over your eating, your health, and your life!

In this chapter, I explore why sugar is so addictive and give you a glimpse into the behavior and psychology of four typical types of sugar addicts. You can take a quiz for each type of sugar addict to see how closely you resemble the common profile and then follow the advice I give for each kind.

Getting to the Root of Why Sugar ...

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