An Overview of HTML and CSS on the Web

In This Chapter

arrow Bringing web pages to life

arrow Understanding the role that HTML plays on web pages

arrow Appreciating what CSS does to give web pages style

arrow Exploring and analyzing simple markup examples

Welcome to the wonderful world of the web, HTML, and CSS. With just a little knowledge, some practice, and something to say, you can create your own little virtual acre of cyberspace or improve on existing work.

remember_4c.eps We use the term HTML throughout this book. Using this term lets us refer to the HyperText Markup Language in general, including both HTML4 and Markup Language), all in one go. Although HTML4 and HTML5 are different (and XHTML differs from both of them, too), they’re all enough alike for this reference to make sense.

This book is your down-and-dirty guide to understanding web documents, sprucing up existing web pages, and crafting complex and exciting pages that use intricate designs, multimedia, and scripting.

The best way to start working with ...

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