Part 2 Getting Visitors to Your Web Site

I think the Internet is uniquely suited to this free market idea . . . we all need each other.

Pete Ashdown

Here is where we look at how to create a steady flow of traffic to your site and how to convert that traffic into business; a process that's called generating traffic. I'll cover the nine most important and easy-to-understand tried-and-true techniques and strategies for generating more traffic to your site, along with the two essential principles of visitor conversion, so that, when someone does visit your site, you can get him to give you permission to keep in touch with him (market to him).

9 Book Yourself Solid Web Traffic Strategies

Get Listed in Search Engines and Optimize Your Site

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about how to get the search engines to notice your site and, ideally, to give you a good ranking. Then, when someone searches for what you're offering, your listing will be displayed in a high position in the search results. SEO is a big topic. Entire books are written about it so I'll touch on the basics and if you choose to make SEO a primary traffic generation strategy, I trust that you'll continue your learning elsewhere.

To get listed with most of these search engines, they must know you exist. So the first thing to do is either submit your site to each search engine or have another site link directly to your site. Doing so will let the search engines know you're up and ready for prime time.

Once you've submitted ...

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