Adaptive business model

customer and firm relationship, 5–6

customer attitudes and behaviors, 23

foundation and differentiators, 22

Rent the Runway (RTR), 73–74

revenues, 23

TOMS shoes, 58–59

value exchange relationship, 22


Bomgar box

benefits and sacrifices

Bomgar’s multiplatform capability, 35

costs, 34

deliverables, 36–37

emotional outcomes, 33

levels of drivers, 35

physical outcomes, 33

social outcomes, 33

trade-offs, 34

use-value, 33

Bomgar, Joel

appliance-based products, 28

HMHP Company, 28–29

part-time IT support representative, 27

remote-administration tool, 29

software promotion, 28

customer value hierarchy

economic and social goals, 30

long-term goals and purposes, 30–31

problem solving, 31–33

product costs and benefits, ...

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