Chapter 13. Setting Up Your Documents

In This Chapter

  • Creating a new document

  • Creating other types of files

  • Using prompts

  • Saving and printing documents

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times: If you’re using BusinessObjects, you may be almost destined to use WebI — for lots of tasks, including report creation.

It’s not hard to see why: Creating documents and reports in WebI is easy.

One reason is that WebI (and InfoView) nestles nicely into the framework of your favorite Web browser. And here’s another: It has a very user-friendly design that doesn’t overcrowd screen real estate.

This chapter extols the virtues of WebI. Exclusively. If you plan on using Desktop Intelligence instead, see Chapter 9.

Setting Up Your Documents

In this chapter, we show you how to create a new document. It’s all about making choices. To create a document (for example), you must select one of your available universes — an important decision, because the universe you pick contains the data you use as you create your reports. We also offer pointers on using prompts (fields that let you add a unique values for particular objects) to build your document, so you can zero in on the precise data you need. You can even use multivalue prompts, too, so you can add several countries, for example!

Then we show you how to save your document and even print it for good measure! There are many ways, as well as many places, for you to save your ...

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