Introduction to CMS Security and Operations

As a business owner, you may face the struggle of spending money for things that your information technology (IT) personnel may request. After all, you've grown this business from an idea to where it is today. What could the request for more money possibly do for increasing sales? Why would you need a written policy, or to spend money and time writing and practicing for a disaster?

If you are the IT person in that situation, you may not understand the pressures faced by senior management, or possibly you may not have spelled out your case. You may be faced with a limited budget, and unlimited projects from marketing.

You may actually be wearing both hats, balancing the objectives of running the business, making sales, and reconciling the books. Thinking about site security will likely be low on your list.

In all cases, you must clearly understand the objectives of your business. Specifically, if you are running one of the open source Content Management Systems (CMSs) such as Joomla!, Drupal, WordPress, or Plone, you may feel that the low cost of these systems means that you can get by without the added time and expense required to grant the IT person's request.

This book can assist you with preparing your business and your technical operations. For the manager, ensuring that your security is tight and safe from hackers is important. You do this via processes such as patching, using a backup site, and performing tasks such as ...

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