Choosing the Right Hosting Company

Choosing the proper hosting for your website or business is akin to selecting a place to live. You may seek a certain part of town that has lots of entertainment, or specific services. You may wish for a quiet home on a nice parcel of land in the country. If you have school-aged children, you will likely want access to the best schools in the area.

Each of these choices is as individual as you are, yet they share a key attribute that crosses all these boundaries. You want a place to live that is safe and secure. Safety in our residence is what we all want.

This chapter provides an abundance of information that will enable you to make the right choice for your particular hosting needs. Making the right hosting choice for your website is vital. Your website or web application may be the only interaction a customer has with you. Making that good first impression is key to having a second interaction, a third one, and so on. Settling for a poor hosting company may result in downtime, hacked servers, or spotty service, which will result in loss of customer satisfaction.

The goal of this chapter is to educate you with an insider's view of hosting — the good and the not so good. Making you a smarter customer will ensure that you make the right choice for hosting.

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