Connecting Organizational Silos: Taking Knowledge Flow Management to the Next Level with Social Media

Book description

Practical guidance on how to successfully introduce enterprise social networks to connect employees

While there are a fast growing number of books around social media and enterprise 2.0, the focus is often on the technical tools. Connecting Organizational Silos approaches social media and enterprise 2.0 from a knowledge flow management perspective. It offers practical and specific guidance on what to do and what not to do when introducing social media in an organization. This concise, easy-to-read guide offers a nuts-and-bolts look at how to get started in social media and drive it to success.

  • Examines knowledge flows and the deployment of social media networks within organizations

  • Helps organizations become more successful in introducing social media tools and platforms into their organizations

By incorporating social media into their business, organizations will be able to make better use of their member's knowledge and thereby become more competitive. Connecting Organizational Silos discusses all aspects of enterprise social media and how it can help to drive corporate growth.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Foreword
  7. Preface
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. Chapter 1: Your Organization Is Not “The Web”
    1. Terminology and Definitions
    2. From Documents to Flows
    3. Social Side of Knowledge Flows
    4. KFM versus Social Media
    5. Case Study 1: The Hub (SAS)
    6. Case Study 2: RedNet (Red Ventures)
    7. Notes
  10. Chapter 2: Why Should You Care about Social Media?
    1. Motivations
    2. Network Dynamics
    3. Breaking Isolation
    4. The Super Watercooler
    5. Handling the Dynamic Organization
    6. Innovation Enablement
    7. Notes
  11. Chapter 3: Getting Started
    1. Inside versus Outside Social Media
    2. Differences in the World
    3. Laying the Foundation
    4. How to Really Get It Off the Ground
    5. Launch: Project or Initiative?
    6. Technology: Build or Buy
    7. Notes
  12. Chapter 4: Roles
    1. More than Just Socializing
    2. Individuals and Departments
    3. Mobilize Your Evangelizers
    4. Notes
  13. Chapter 5: Driving for Success
    1. Get All Stakeholders Involved Early
    2. Go Viral
    3. Freedom within Borders: The Power of Guidelines
    4. Training Portfolio
    5. Pulse
    6. Executive Participation: Not Just Buy-In
    7. Notes
  14. Chapter 6: Fighting Barriers
    1. Fear of Losing Control
    2. Unlearning
    3. Dealing with “Stupid”
    4. Integration
    5. No Time to Post: Portfolio Management
    6. Legal Concerns
    7. Note
  15. Chapter 7: Technology: The Enabler
    1. Social or Supporting Social
    2. I Want an Internal Facebook
    3. The Power of Simplicity
    4. Multidimensional Navigation
    5. Groups or Communities
    6. Notification Management
    7. Notes
  16. Chapter 8: Social Media Analytics
    1. Analyze What is Going On
    2. Social Network Analysis versus Reporting
    3. Choosing the Right KPIs
    4. Notes
  17. Chapter 9: What’s Next
    1. Advances in Technology
    2. Dealing with Channel Overload
    3. More Social or More Technology
    4. Interaction Trends
    5. Notes
  18. Chapter 10: Final Thoughts
  19. Appendix A: Key Success Factors
  20. Appendix B: Additional Resources
  21. About the Author
  22. Index

Product information

  • Title: Connecting Organizational Silos: Taking Knowledge Flow Management to the Next Level with Social Media
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: October 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118386439