Whistle Blowing Mechanism and Corporate Governance

Chapter Outline

  • Introduction to Whistle Blowing
  • What is Whistle Blowing?
  • Elements of Whistle Blowing
  • Why Whistle Blowing?
  • Whistle Blowers
  • Types of Whistle Blowers
  • Whistle Blowing Process
  • Whistle Blowing in PSUs
  • Impact of Whistle Blowing
  • Whistle Blower Act in India
  • Whistle Blower Protection Under Clause 49
  • Selected Cases of Whistle Blowing in Corporate Governance in India

Contemporary corporate governance rests on the whistleblowing mechanism due to the fact that the mechanism itself has saved corporations from the possible failures. The sustainability of organisations is essential to protect the stakeholders and therefore, whistleblowing mechanism protects the stakeholders particularly, ...

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