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Crunch Point: The 21 Secrets to Succeeding When It Matters Most

Book Description

It’s inevitable: no matter what industry, no matter how well run the company or department, unexpected problems emerge, setbacks occur, and crises arise. The difference between success and failure during these crucial moments is in how (and whether) one rises to the occasion. In Crunch Point, success expert Brian Tracy lets readers in on the secrets to shining in the kind of tough situations that make others fall apart.

Written in Tracy’s trademark direct style, each short, to-the-point chapter is packed with powerful techniques that will enable readers to deal swiftly and effectively with any difficulty that comes their way. The book presents proven strategies to:

* stay calm
* take control of the problem
* communicate clearly and quickly with key people
* project confidence and authority
* eliminate barriers blocking a speedy resolution
* focus on key result areas
* tap one’s inner reserves of energy and strength
* and much more!

With Crunch Point, readers will not only learn how to survive the most stressful and difficult situations -- but thrive in the face of tremendous pressure and come out a winner.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Introduction
    1. Responding to Challenges
    2. Your Own Personal Growth
    3. Rising to the Challenge
  3. 1. Stay Calm
    1. Assert Control Immediately
    2. Take a Deep Breath
    3. Recognize the Two Biggest Enemies
    4. Your Inner Dialogue Determines Your Emotions
    5. Study the Problem Before You Respond
    6. Seek the Valuable Lesson
    7. Crunch Point Actions
  4. 2. Be Confident in Your Abilities
    1. You Can Do It!
    2. The Worry-Buster Formula
    3. The Antidote to Worry
    4. Crunch Point Actions
  5. 3. Dare to Go Forward
    1. Everyone Is Afraid
    2. Do the Thing You Fear
    3. Go into Crisis Mode
    4. The Two Parts of Courage
    5. Crunch Point Actions
  6. 4. Get the Facts
    1. Facts Don’t Lie
    2. Ask the Right Questions
    3. Dig Deeper for More Clarity
    4. Correlation vs. Causation
    5. Crunch Point Actions
  7. 5. Take Control
    1. Become a Turnaround Specialist
    2. Take 100 Percent Responsibility
    3. Confront the Five Stages of Grief
    4. How Fast Do You Recover?
    5. Everyone Makes Mistakes
    6. Crunch Point Actions
  8. 6. Cut Your Losses
    1. Knowing What You Know Now
    2. A Question to Ask About Everything
    3. Starting Again Across the Street
    4. Crunch Point Actions
  9. 7. Manage the Crisis
    1. Take Charge Immediately
    2. Practice Thinking Ahead
    3. Develop a Contingency Plan
    4. Prevent the Recurring Crisis
    5. Crunch Point Actions
  10. 8. Communicate Constantly
    1. Deal Quickly with Money Matters
    2. Bad News Travels Really Fast
    3. Adopt a Leadership Strategy
    4. Practice “No Surprises” in Financial Matters
    5. Be Honest and Straightforward
    6. Lead from the Front
    7. Get Tough If You Must
    8. Crunch Point Actions
  11. 9. Identify Your Constraints
    1. Identify the Main Constraint
    2. Do an Internal Analysis First
    3. Test Your Excuses
    4. Identify External Constraints
    5. Focus on Your Main Constraint
    6. Crunch Point Actions
  12. 10. Unleash Your Creativity
    1. Consider the Consequences
    2. Your Creativity Increases with Practice
    3. Organize Your Thinking
    4. Identify the Correct Solution
    5. Practice “Mindstorming” on Your Problem
    6. Take Action Immediately
    7. Crunch Point Actions
  13. 11. Focus on Key Result Areas
    1. Your Success Comes from a Few Things
    2. How Are You Different and Better?
    3. Protecting Your Core
    4. Crunch Point Actions
  14. 12. Concentrate on Priorities
    1. Think on Paper
    2. Make a List
    3. Practice Triage on Your Work
    4. What’s Important Here?
    5. Crunch Point Actions
  15. 13. Counterattack!
    1. Strategy 1: Be Clear in Your Objective
    2. Strategy 2: Take Bold Action
    3. Strategy 3: Concentrate Your Resources
    4. Strategy 4: Stay Flexible
    5. Strategy 5: Gather All Available Information
    6. Strategy 6: Get Everyone Working Together
    7. Strategy 7: You’re the Boss!
    8. Crunch Point Actions
  16. 14. Generate Cash Flow
    1. When Revenues Drop Unexpectedly
    2. Carefully Analyze Your Situation
    3. Ask for Breathing Room
    4. Confront the Situation
    5. Look for Cash Everywhere
    6. Crunch Point Actions
  17. 15. Care for Your Customers
    1. The Customer Is Always Right
    2. Customers Can Choose
    3. Get Back to Basics
    4. Focus on Your Best Prospects
    5. Do More Face-to-Face Selling
    6. Answer Customer Questions
    7. Ask the Fundamental Sales Question
    8. Crunch Point Actions
  18. 16. Close More Sales
    1. There’s No Other Way
    2. An Art and a Science
    3. You Need a Closer
    4. Practice the 100-Call Method
    5. Ask for the Order
    6. Go Back to the Well
    7. Sell More to Each Customer
    8. There’s Always More to Learn
    9. Increase Your Sales Quickly
    10. Crunch Point Actions
  19. 17. Keep Things Simple
    1. Consider the Great Question
    2. Practice the Ten-Goal Method
    3. Take Continuous Action
    4. Imagine $20 Million
    5. There Are Four Ways to Change Your Life
    6. Eliminate Nonessential Tasks
    7. Spend Your Time Differently
    8. Determine Your Hourly Rate
    9. Plan in Advance
    10. Leave Things Off
    11. Keep First Things First
    12. Crunch Point Actions
  20. 18. Conserve Your Energy
    1. Get Lots of Sleep
    2. Recharge Your Batteries
    3. Shut Down Completely
    4. Food Is Your Primary Energy Source
    5. Get Lots of Exercise
    6. Start Your Day Right
    7. Crunch Point Actions
  21. 19. Make Your Connection
    1. Tap into the Unlimited Power
    2. Trust in This Power
    3. Keep Your Eyes Open
    4. Seek the Valuable Lessons
    5. Practice Solitude
    6. Activate the Law of Attraction
    7. Crunch Point Actions
  22. 20. Character Is King
    1. Everyone Is Watching
    2. Recognize Your Most Valuable Asset
    3. Rise to the Challenges
    4. Diffuse the Crisis
    5. Think About the Solution
    6. Pass the Test
    7. Stepping Stones vs. Stumbling Blocks
    8. Crunch Point Actions
  23. 21. Pull It All Together
  24. About the Author