Does Your Content Work?: Why Evaluate Your Content—and How to Start

Book description

You know that web content is the text, images, audio, and video in your website or web application—but how do you ensure that your content is truly effective? Does Your Content Work addresses this key question, illustrating the importance of applying content evaluation as a constant assessment of how well your content meets your goals. In this book, content strategist and user experience expert Colleen Jones explains the essential process of evaluating whether your web content is working.

Follow along and you will: 

  • Learn how investing time and effort in evaluating your content pays off in tangible ways.

  • Explore the top three action items to evaluate your content’s effectiveness: asking specific questions, getting access to analytics, and launching a content-focused survey.

  • Walk through the content evaluation process: asking questions based on your goals, getting answers with the right data mix, and interpreting and acting on the answers.

  • "Improving content quality in large organizations can feel like an uphill battle against processes, data, and operational silos. How, for instance, do you show business partners you’re “getting content done” while affording your creative teams the perspective they need to do content right? With the prioritized, action-oriented methods she’s laid out in Does Your Content Work?, Colleen Jones simplifies the science of content evaluation in ways that enable the art of content to thrive."

    —Aaron Burgess, UX Content Director, PayPal

    Product information

    • Title: Does Your Content Work?: Why Evaluate Your Content—and How to Start
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: February 2014
    • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
    • ISBN: 9780133765113