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Inherited: No

A shortcut attribute that lets you set multiple border edges to the same or different colors. Navigator 4 allows only a single value, which applies to all four edges. For Internet Explorer (and the CSS specification), you may supply one to four space-delimited color values. The number of values determines which sides receive the assigned colors.

CSS Syntax

border-color: color {1,4}

JavaScript Equivalent



For Navigator, one color value only.

In Internet Explorer, this attribute accepts one, two, three, or four color values, depending on how many and which borders you want to set with specific colors. Value quantities and positions are interpreted as follows:

Number of Values



All four borders set to value


Top and bottom borders set to the first value, right and left borders set to the second value


Top border set to first value, right and left borders set to second value, bottom border set to third value


Top, right, bottom, and left borders set, respectively

Initial Value

The element’s color property.


H2 {border-color: red blue red}
DIV {border-color: red rgb(0,0,255) red}

Applies To

All elements (CSS and NN); block and replaced elements (IE).

Object Model Reference



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