Using WebHook of WebJob from VSTS

Many services such as Git, VSTS, Dropbox, PayPal, and others provide a provision to subscribe to WebHooks. Every WebJob is exposed with a WebHook, and the URL and credentials are accessible from the Properties page of WebJobs.

To use WebHooks with WebJobs, we have to add a NuGet package, Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Extensions.WebHooks, and then use WebHooks in the Main method, as follows:

    class Program     {         static void Main()         {             var config = new JobHostConfiguration();             if (config.IsDevelopment)             {                 config.UseDevelopmentSettings();             }             config.UseWebHooks();             var host = new JobHost(config);             host.RunAndBlock();         }         }

We will modify our WebJob and add another method, which will be hooked up when the WebHook is ...

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