3.14 Evolution of Facility Management and Its Merging in a Pattern of Industrial Sustainability and Resilience Perspectives – Experiences – Views

Henning Balck

Overview of Contributions


Technological Paradigm Shift “Industry 4.0” Provides the Basis for Comprehensive Sustainability

One of the original ideas of facility management from the 1980s was the IT-based integration of data from the project phases of construction with subsequent data from operation and management. This has remained a vision to this day, a solution is only now becoming recognizable through the industrial paradigm shift of “Industry 4.0.”

Part 1

IT Technology and Cost Effectiveness – Steps of Development in German Facility Management – Commented with the Author’s Experience

The historical starting points in German Facility Management was in the mid-1980s. The development was initiated with the emerging CAD technology. This made it possible to transfer CAD data from the construction phases to operation after completion. Examples from the USA provided the impetus (in particular through initiatives by Dr. Mack).

Part 2

Challenge Industry 4.0 in Industrial Sites. The Importance of Local Infrastructure Is Changing from a Cost-Only-Status to a Factor of Competition and Sustainability

In a series of pilot projects, the author had the task of investigating real estate portfolios in industrial locations with mixed teams. The aim was to provide evidence of deficiencies in use and operation and, ...

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