Find (and Keep) Top Talent for Your Business (Collection), 2/e

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A brand new collection of state-of-the-art talent management techniques

Breakthrough talent management techniques! 5 authoritative books bring together the state-of-the-art in finding, growing, and keeping world-class people!

Talent is everything — and finding, growing, and keeping the best talent has never been more difficult. This 5-book collection brings together powerful new insights, techniques, practices, and skills for improving the way you manage talent in any organization, industry, or environment… including the talent that matters most. (Yours!) In 17 Rules Successful Companies Use to Attract and Keep Top Talent, renowned workforce expert David Russo identifies exactly what great organizations do differently when it comes to managing their people. He distills these differences into 17 rules for everything from resourcing and compensation to leadership development, risk-taking to change management. Next, he shows how to apply these rules in your organization, whether you’re large or small, high-tech or low-tech, for-profit or non-profit. Then, in Talent Force, Rusty Rueff and Hank Springer help you systematically get the right talent into the right place at the right time. You’ll learn how to develop and implement a world-class talent plan that aligns with business objectives, and identify metrics for tracking and optimizing progress. Discover how candidates are using technology to evaluate new opportunities, benchmark compensation, and create new back-channels of communication about worklife — and learn how to use these technologies yourself to grow the world’s best Talent Force. In The Truth About Hiring the Best, Cathy Fyock reveals 53 proven hiring principles for identifying, reaching, and recruiting the very best. Fyock helps you find hidden talent sources… make great people want to work with you… choose amongst the great new people you’ve found, while building great relationships with strong candidates you don’t hire. Next, in The Truth About Getting the Best From People, Second Edition, Martha Finney 60+ proven principles for achieving unprecedented levels of employee engagement. This new edition features more than 15 new truths including: managing virtual teams, building persuasive skills, tuning into your own unconscious biases, managing multiple generations, and identifying and cultivating individual high performers. Not feeling empowered enough to do all this? Vince Thompson’s Ignited! reveals gathering forces that are re-empowering you right now. Thompson outlines realistic steps for leveraging networks and resources to transform your own visions into reality, and accomplishing powerful goals only you can achieve. He offers new tools for leading “from the middle”… expanding your influence and overcoming traps… connecting your passions with business goals… mastering all your new roles: linkmaker, process master, pilot, healer, bard, scout, and translator!

From world-renowned talent management expertsVince Thompson, David Russo, Rusty Rueff, Hank Stringer, Cathy Fyock, and Martha I. Finney

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Ignited: Managers! Light Up Your Company and Career for More Power, More Purpose, and More Success
    1. Copyright Page
    2. Dedication
    3. Praise for Ignited
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. About the Author
    6. Introduction: Living in Quake Country
    7. Base Camp: The Ignited Quiz
    8. Part I: Get More Power
      1. 1. Action with Traction
      2. 2. The Manager's Universe
      3. 3. Leadership in Limited Space
      4. 4. Managing Your Emotions
      5. 5. The Deadly Lack of Empowerment Trap
    9. Part II: Get More Purpose
      1. 6. Ignition Point 1: The Process
      2. 7. Ignition Point 2: The People
      3. 8. Ignition Point 3: The Message
      4. 9. Ignition Point 4: The Landscape
      5. 10. Ignition Point 5: The Strategy
      6. 11. Ignition Point 6: The Story
      7. 12. Ignition Point 7: The Spirit
    10. Part III: Get More Success
      1. 13. Selling from the Fulcrum
      2. 14. Your Own Sense of Balance
    11. Index
    12. Footntoes
      1. Introduction
      2. Chapter 4
      3. Chapter 5
      4. Chapter 6
      5. Chapter 7
      6. Chapter 9
      7. Chapter 10
      8. Chapter 11
      9. Chapter 12
  5. 17 Rules Successful Companies Use to Attract and Keep Top Talent
    1. Copyright Page
    2. Dedication Page
    3. Praise for 17 Rules Successful Companies Use to Attract and Keep Top Talent
    4. Foreword: Great Teams, Great People, Great Leaders
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. About the Author
    7. Introduction
    8. 1. Understand Why Employees Come and Why They Stay
    9. 2. Play “Win-Win” with Your Employees (and Allow Them to Be All They Can Be—for Self and Company)
    10. 3. Cultivate Leadership, Not Management, and Know the Difference!
    11. 4. Provide Ample and Appropriate Resources
    12. 5. Demand Contribution; Be Worthy of Receiving It
    13. 6. Applaud Effort; Reward Contribution
    14. 7. Cheerlead; The “Magic” of M&Ms
    15. 8. Build a Workplace on a Foundation of Respect
    16. 9. Cultivate the Risk-Trust Dynamic
    17. 10. Make Room for Fun in the Workplace (Nurture Lightheartedness/Levity)
    18. 11. Create Opportunities for Employee “Alignment” with Vision, Values, and Mission
    19. 12. Understand Human Capital
    20. 13. Treat Employees as “Volunteers”
    21. 14. Know Your Culture
    22. 15. Understand the Nature of Change and Prepare Your Employees to Embrace It
    23. 16. Cultivate Organizational Ethics; Demand and Reward Ethical Behavior
    24. 17. The Last and Overarching Rule: Tell the Truth! (and a Few Action Items to Grow On)
    25. Index
  6. Talent Force: A New Manifesto for the Human Side of Business
    1. Copyright Page
    2. Dedication
    3. What Others are Saying About Talent Force!
    4. Foreword
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. About the Authors
    7. Preface
    8. Introduction
    9. 1 The Quality Talent Imperative
      1. The Talent to Move a Nation
      2. Zimbabwe’s Displaced Agricultural Talent Force
      3. New Zealand’s Muffled Boom
    10. 2 Talent Market Demands
      1. The Only Constant Is Change
      2. Generational Change
      3. Immigration
      4. Offshoring
      5. Emerging Talent Markets
      6. Recruiting-Specific Trends
      7. Measuring Talent
      8. The Demand for a New Approach
    11. 3 Building a Competitive Talent Organization
      1. Recruiting Models: A Look Back
      2. Emerging Recruitment Practices
      3. The Strategic Integration Point Person
      4. Clarian Health’s Proactive Talent Organization
      5. New Recruiting Tools, Structures, and Processes
      6. Creating Your Talent Plan
      7. Aligning with Marketing
    12. 4 The Cultural Obsession of Work
      1. Cutting Through the Clutter—The Importance of a Talent Brand
      2. What Is a Talent Brand?
      3. Getting Started
      4. Making It Real
      5. Targeting the Effort
      6. Using Technology to Reach Talent
    13. 5 Building a Talent Community
      1. Forming Technology-Enabled Relationships
      2. The "Sticky" Talent Web: Collecting Participants
      3. Stuck in the Web: Capturing the Relationship
      4. Qualifying the Candidate
      5. New Alliances, New Opportunities, New Ways to Add Business Value
    14. 6 Tangible Talent Measurement
      1. Talent Metrics
      2. Planning for Future Talent Gaps at All Levels
      3. Private Planning, Public Accountability
      4. Free Talent Zones—Using Talent to Drive Economic Development
    15. 7 Talent Goes on Offense
      1. The Talent Demand Cycle
      2. Talent Knows: The Information Equation
      3. Truth in Advertising Takes On a New Meaning
      4. The Importance of Your Virtual Lobby
      5. The New Interview
    16. 8 Relationship Recruiting (Still) Rules
      1. The Human Touchpoint
      2. The Evangelist Culture
      3. Succession, Development, and Planting the Seed
      4. The First Face to Face
      5. Continuous Improvement: The Key to a Lasting Competitive Advantage
      6. The Gracious Recruiter
    17. 9 Talent Forces of Tomorrow
      1. Internet Job Postings Go the Way of Newspaper Classifieds
      2. Podcasting, VCasts, and Feeds
      3. The Advertising/Marketing Force Meets the Talent Force
      4. The Television Industry "Gets It": Just About Everyone Works
      5. Talent Personalization
      6. The Force of Change
    18. Index
  7. The Truth About Hiring the Best
    1. Copyright Page
    2. Praise for The Truth About Hiring the Best
    3. Introduction
    4. Part I: The Truth About Identifying the Best
      1. Truth 1. There is no such thing as the ideal candidate
      2. Truth 2. You are a seller in a buyer's market
      3. Truth 3. Catch the boomerangs
      4. Truth 4. Rehire the retired
      5. Truth 5. Job-hoppers could be show-stoppers
      6. Truth 6. Seek refuge(e)
    5. Part II: The Truth About Recruiting the Best
      1. Truth 7. It's a war for talent
      2. Truth 8. Maybe you don't want "new blood"
      3. Truth 9. Your actions speak louder than words
      4. Truth 10. Targeting everybody attracts nobody
      5. Truth 11. You are a talent scout
      6. Truth 12. The Internet may not be the best place for recruiting
      7. Truth 13. Use the enthused
      8. Truth 14. It takes a village to hire one employee
      9. Truth 15. Newspaper ads can be great when managed properly
      10. Truth 16. Your invitation might be chasing applicants away
    6. Part III: The Truth About Interviewing
      1. Truth 17. The candidate isn't the only one who has to interview right
      2. Truth 18. Ask what they will do, not what they can do
      3. Truth 19. Charlie might be more than just a great mechanic
      4. Truth 20. Passion—in fashion?
      5. Truth 21. Good candidates might not talk to you
      6. Truth 22. You're not Sigmund Freud
      7. Truth 23. Candidates and the truth—the whole truth
      8. Truth 24. Don't let the candidate's resume drive the interview
      9. Truth 25. Avoid the "hot seat"
      10. Truth 26. You can oversell the job
      11. Truth 27. There is such a thing as a bad question
      12. Truth 28. You're guilty until you prove you're innocent
      13. Truth 29. It's impolite (and discriminatory) to ask about age
      14. Truth 30. You wouldn't ask him if he's married—don't ask her either
      15. Truth 31. Kind curiosity can kill a career
      16. Truth 32. Avoid questions about religious affiliations
      17. Truth 33. Your mother was wrong; sometimes do be rude
    7. Part IV: The Truth About the Selection Process
      1. Truth 34. Have a vacancy to fill? You're already too late.
      2. Truth 35. Warning: this resume may contain spin!
      3. Truth 36. Your candidate may be a scam-didate
      4. Truth 37. The resume says "yes," but the body language says "no"
      5. Truth 38. The receptionist test—better than salt?
      6. Truth 39. Don't send away candidates dressed for a day at the beach
      7. Truth 40. You aren't an elephant
      8. Truth 41. Keep on selling to candidates
    8. Part V: The Truth About Panel and Multiple Interviews, Background Checks, Tests, and Other Tools of the Trade
      1. Truth 42. Invest in telephone screening to save time later
      2. Truth 43. Face-to-face doesn't have to be in-person
      3. Truth 44. Too many cooks might improve the broth
      4. Truth 45. Make haste slowly
      5. Truth 46. You may want to hire candidates even when they get a bad reference
      6. Truth 47. Beware the "Whizzinator"
      7. Truth 48. Be real, even if scary
      8. Truth 49. No crystal ball? Try employment testing
      9. Truth 50. Graphology: palm reading or valid tool?
    9. Part VI: The Truth About Evaluating Candidates and Making the Offer
      1. Truth 51. The last one you interview only seems like the winner
      2. Truth 52. The one who offers salary information first is the loser
      3. Truth 53. Don't tell candidates why they weren't selected
    10. References
    11. About the Author
    12. Acknowledgments
  8. The Truth About: Getting the Best from People
    1. Copyright Page
    2. Dedication Page
    3. Praise for the First Edition
    4. Introduction
    5. Part I: The Truth About Employee Engagement
      1. Truth 1. You don’t need the carrot or the stick
      2. Truth 2. You have direct influence over your employees’ passion quotient
      3. Truth 3. You get the best by giving the best
      4. Truth 4. It’s not money that motivates
      5. Truth 5. Employee engagement isn’t for sissies
      6. Truth 6. Real engagement gains happen after survey scores come in
    6. Part II: The Truth About Yourself
      1. Truth 7. Your behaviors are your brand
      2. Truth 8. You can’t give what you don’t have
      3. Truth 9. “Best” doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone
      4. Truth 10. Think you’re a great leader? Think again
      5. Truth 11. You could be your own worst employee
      6. Truth 12. Visionary or beat cop? Your choice
      7. Truth 13. Your health may be compromising your leadership effectiveness
      8. Truth 14. You don’t have to be perfect
      9. Truth 15. Your career can recover from an engagement hit
    7. Part III: The Truth About Engaged Cultures
      1. Truth 16. Employee happiness is serious business
      2. Truth 17. Great leaders make their people cry
      3. Truth 18. Better questions lead to better answers
      4. Truth 19. Individual passion builds a passion-fueled customer service culture
      5. Truth 20. Authentic is better than clever
      6. Truth 21. Retention begins with hello
      7. Truth 22. The bad will do you good
      8. Truth 23. Your biggest complainer may be your best supporter
      9. Truth 24. You can sell an unpopular decision
      10. Truth 25. Flex is best
      11. Truth 26. Nobody cares if you don’t mean to be mean
      12. Truth 27. Controlling your temper is a labor-saving device
      13. Truth 28. There is no “but” in “I’m sorry”
    8. Part IV: The Truth About Motivation
      1. Truth 29. Engagement happens one person at a time
      2. Truth 30. If you’re a manager, you’re a career coach
      3. Truth 31. The candidates you’re seeking may not be the ones you need
      4. Truth 32. Ask for cheese—you might get the moon
      5. Truth 33. You lead better when you get off your pedestal
      6. Truth 34. Trust is your strongest persuasion tool
      7. Truth 35. If they aren’t buying it, they aren’t doing it
      8. Truth 36. Overselling an opportunity can cost you precious talent
      9. Truth 37. Focusing on what’s right can help solve what’s wrong
      10. Truth 38. High performers are motivated by a piece of the action
      11. Truth 39. All the generations want the same things
    9. Part V: The Truth About Performance
      1. Truth 40. Compassion promotes performance
      2. Truth 41. A hot star can brighten your whole team
      3. Truth 42. B players are your A team
      4. Truth 43. High performers have enough coffee mugs
      5. Truth 44. Discipline deepens engagement
      6. Truth 45. You don’t have to inherit the problem employees
      7. Truth 46. Performance appraisals are really about you
      8. Truth 47. New hires can inspire current employees
      9. Truth 48. Terminations are an engagement tool
    10. Part VI: The Truth About Creativity
      1. Truth 49. Innovation begins with y-e-s
      2. Truth 50. Everyone can be creative
      3. Truth 51. You stand between inspiration and implementation
      4. Truth 52. Failures promote progress
      5. Truth 53. People don’t quit their bosses, they quit their colleagues
      6. Truth 54. Extreme pressure kills inspired performance
      7. Truth 55. Creativity is a balancing act
    11. Part VII: The Truth About Communication
      1. Truth 56. Open questions ignite inspiring answers
      2. Truth 57. Serving your employees means managing your boss
      3. Truth 58. Bad news is good news
      4. Truth 59. Trivial conversations are essential
      5. Truth 60. The way you listen speaks volumes
      6. Truth 61. Crap happens
      7. Truth 62. Engaged employees need to know more
    12. Part VIII: The Truth About Teams
      1. Truth 63. Absence makes the employee happier
      2. Truth 64. Your team has untapped talent
      3. Truth 65. People need to fight their own battles
      4. Truth 66. Games don’t build teams
      5. Truth 67. Answers build teams
      6. Truth 68. Your team can lead you to greatness
      7. Truth 69. You’re still the boss
    13. References
      1. Truth 16
      2. Truth 32
      3. Truth 37
      4. Truth 42
      5. Truth 50
      6. Truth 51
      7. Truth 54
      8. Truth 55
      9. Truth 57
      10. Truth 68
    14. About the Author
    15. FT Press

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  • Title: Find (and Keep) Top Talent for Your Business (Collection), 2/e
  • Author(s): Vince Thompson, David I. Russo, Rusty Rueff, Hank Stringer, Cathy Fyock, Martha I. Finney
  • Release date: April 2013
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780133443165