Chapter 12

The Offer


check Evaluating a job offer

check Asking for more than money

check Negotiating with the employer

You have a job offer and now you have to make some choices. You really want this job, so do you accept the offer or do you ask for more? Or you have an offer and you’re lukewarm on the organization, but you haven’t yet gotten an offer from your preferred employer. Do you accept the first offer, decline it, or stall? In this chapter, I explain how to prioritize pay and benefits so you can make the best decision.

I also cover how to negotiate with an employer. Some employers have strict compensation guidelines in place, while others are more flexible. In either case, if you find that your offer is not comparable to market pay or to what your peers are earning, or if you have a better offer on the table, you can discuss this with the employer. The worst you can hear is “no.” On the flip side, you may get a better offer.

Speaking of no’s, you may have to go to a lot of interviews before you land that great job. Consider the journey a learning experience. In this chapter, I offer tips on how to build a professional network along the way.

Determining What’s Important ...

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