Chapter 13

Comparing Quantities: They Report, You Decide


Bullet Memorizing the rubber-stamp QC answer choices

Bullet Knowing how to approach a QC problem

Bullet Spotting and avoiding common traps

Bullet Putting it all together to work smarter, not harder

About one-third of the GRE math questions are in the Quantitative Comparison (QC) format, with plenty of traps to trip you. QCs demand thought and insight to recognize and sidestep common traps; otherwise, you may stumble into some unnecessary, heavy-duty math. This chapter gives you the lowdown on QC questions and how to solve them and also points out how to steer clear of common pitfalls.

A QC question shows two quantities, aptly labeled Quantity A and Quantity B. The quantities can be numbers, variables, equations, words, and so on. Your job is to compare the quantities and determine whether one quantity is greater than the other, whether they’re equal, or whether the relationship can’t be determined from the information provided.

Memorizing Answer Choices that Don’t Change

Constituting about a third of the math questions, the QC questions ...

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