Chapter 19

Practice Exam 2: Answers and Explanations

After taking Practice Exam 2 in Chapter 18, use this chapter to check your answers and see how you did. Carefully review the explanations because doing so can help you understand why you missed the questions you did and also give you a better understanding of the thought process that helped you select the correct answers. If you’re in a hurry, flip to the end of the chapter for an abbreviated answer key.

Analytical Writing Sections

Have a friend read your essays: Refer that helpful person to Chapters 14 and 15 for scoring guidelines, and if the essays are clear, persuasive, and grammatically sound, you probably got it.

Section 1: Verbal Reasoning

  1. D. Military expenditure, which is the money spent on the military, leads to the military’s size. Even though the other qualities may be true, only expenditure directly leads to the size of the military.
  2. B. Though the other qualities may be true, a curriculum leads to educational goals. Adroitness is the quality of being clever and appropriate, but it isn’t specific enough to reach educational goals.
  3. A, E. The gustatory system is responsible for the sense of taste, and a more discerning (perceptive) palate is able to distinguish subtle differences. The lymphatic system fights infection, while the digestive system breaks down food. For the second blank, discrete (distinct) doesn’t work, and distended (swollen) isn’t even in the ballpark.
  4. A, F. A tsunami is a wave that would inundate ...

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