Grounded: How Leaders Stay Rooted in an Uncertain World

Book description

A provocative, personal approach to leadership based on in-depth research with hundreds of executives around the world

Confronted by disruptive change and economic turbulence, many of today's leaders find themselves ill-equipped to manage the hazards they now face. They must contend with chronic uncertainty, cynical employees, and personal burnout. Most are poorly served by the prevailing paradigm that obsessively focuses on what we do to produce short-term results while sabotaging who we are as healthy human beings. Few have seen alternatives, until now.

Grounded proposes a new approach that's designed for actual humans who must grapple with these forces. This new paradigm speaks to our better selves. Based on the author's Healthy Leader model, it focuses on the six personal dimensions that fuel—and refuel—the world's top leaders: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, vocational, and spiritual health.

The book argues that leaders at every level can be more self-aware, develop their untapped potential, and drive significantly better results—for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

  • Shows readers how to build a personal leadership model that works with their values, goals and capabilities

  • Features fresh stories from leaders in a variety of organizations including the New York Fire Department, PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Lego Group, and Medstar Health

  • Gives leaders practical tools to face their toughest challenges with greater skill, confidence, and impact

  • By developing themselves and mastering the six dimensions, readers can gain the stamina and strength to not only weather tough times but to achieve much, much more.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Praise for Grounded
    3. Title page
    4. Copyright page
    5. Dedication
    6. PART I: A Crisis on the Horizon
      1. CHAPTER 1: The Winds of Change
        1. Buffeted from Every Direction
        2. Finding a Solution by Digging Deep
      2. CHAPTER 2: Are You Bending, Breaking, or Staying Rooted?
        1. One Leader's Story
        2. Inside Your Working World
        3. A Gigantic Gap
        4. How Do You Handle It?
        5. Science Supports The Healthy Leader
      3. CHAPTER 3: Who You Are Drives What You Do
        1. Inside The Healthy Leader Model
        2. Strong Roots Feed Performance
        3. Healthy Leaders Are Higher Performers: The Business Case
        4. Making Your Leadership Personal
    7. PART II: The Roots of Healthy Leadership
      1. Physical Health
        1. CHAPTER 4: Body-Mind Awareness
          1. A Harmony within Yourself
          2. Our Bodies Are Uniquely Similar
          3. More Powerful Than Any Software: Your Mind
          4. The Pulse of the Intelligent Heart
          5. A Body, Mind, and Heart Transformed
        2. CHAPTER 5: Energy Management
          1. Replenishing Your Energy and Recharging Your Company
          2. Can You Go the Distance?
          3. Managing Your Energy
          4. A Journey of Finding Balance
        3. CHAPTER 6: Peak-Performance Lifestyle
          1. A Playbook for Leading
          2. Do You Have What It Takes?
          3. An Ounce of Prevention = A Ton of Benefits
          4. What's Your Personalized Fitness Plan?
          5. From the Pool to the CEO's Office
      2. Emotional Health
        1. CHAPTER 7: Self-Awareness
          1. A Leader with a Mind of His Own
          2. Telling the Truth to Yourself and Others
          3. Accept Who You Are
          4. Failed Leadership Arises from Ignorance
          5. Let Self-Reflection Reign, and Success Will Follow
          6. Learning to Be Self-Aware
        2. CHAPTER 8: Positive Emotions
          1. Triumphing Over Fear
          2. Part of Our Hardwiring
          3. Many Expressions of Love
          4. Imagining the Future: Hope and Optimism
          5. Not Just Dancing in the Streets: Joy and Happiness
          6. Giving of Yourself: Empathy, Compassion, and Forgiveness
          7. A Positive Leader in Action
          8. Positive Emotions Pay Rewards
          9. Do You Hide Your Emotions?
          10. What Emotions Derail You?
        3. CHAPTER 9: Resilience
          1. Staying Calm During the Onslaught
          2. Getting Comfortable with Uncertainty
          3. The Power of Confidence: The Four Noble Truths
          4. Applying Lessons from The Past
          5. Resilience on the Front Line
          6. Bend, Don't Break: Things to Consider
      3. Intellectual Health
        1. CHAPTER 10: Deep Curiosity
          1. How a CEO Sailor Navigates
          2. What Torpedoes Curiosity and What Kids can Teach Us
          3. Building a Curious Brain
          4. What's Your Learning Style?
          5. The Curiosity-Creativity Connection
          6. The Power of Personal Growth
          7. Tap into Your Natural Curiosity: Things to Consider
        2. CHAPTER 11: Adaptive Mindset
          1. Thinking in Real Time
          2. Thinking on Many Levels
          3. Lessons from Cell Biology
          4. Wrestling with Complexity from All Directions
          5. Why Don't People Evolve?
          6. Opening Pandora's Box
          7. Leading with an Adaptive Mindset
          8. At the Pointy End of the Spear
          9. How to Think Out of the Box: Things to Consider
        3. CHAPTER 12: Paradoxical Thinking
          1. Leading in a Creative World of Contradictions
          2. Making a Mental Leap: Lateral Thinking
          3. Embrace Opposites
          4. The Power of Creativity and Innovation
          5. Things to Consider
      4. Social Health
        1. CHAPTER 13: Authenticity
          1. Touching and Inspiring Lives
          2. Do You Know Your Real Self?
          3. Building Trust and Sharing Principles
          4. How Trustworthy Are You?
          5. Classic, Honest
          6. Mastering the Power of Vulnerability: Let Them See You Sweat
          7. Turning Rejection Into Renewal
        2. CHAPTER 14: Mutually Rewarding Relationships
          1. Reaching Out and Building Connection
          2. The Biology of Business Connections
          3. Four Pillars of Healthy Relationships
          4. Building Relationships That Matter
          5. Do You Build Mutually Rewarding Relationships?
        3. CHAPTER 15: Nourishing Teams and Communities
          1. Born to Belong
          2. Moving from Me to We
          3. Leading Healthy Teams
          4. The Power of Social Networks
          5. Face-to-Face Meets the Digital World
          6. Unlocking the Value of Social Technologies
          7. Building and Leading a Healthy Community
          8. Social Connections Build Healthy Communities: Things to Consider
      5. Vocational Health
        1. CHAPTER 16: Meaningful Calling
          1. The Calling Inside You
          2. The Power of Meaningful Work
          3. Finding What Matters
          4. Merging a Universal Desire with Your Unique Expression
          5. Follow Your Heart
          6. Create Your Personal Shield
          7. Forging a Legacy Out of Meaning
          8. Tapping Into the Passion of Others
        2. CHAPTER 17: Personal Mastery
          1. A Lifelong Learner
          2. The Journey of Self-Improvement
          3. What Stops Us from Learning
          4. What's Your Learning Pattern?
          5. Your Drive for Personal Mastery
          6. Raising the Bar on Yourself
          7. Leaders Are Great Coaches
        3. CHAPTER 18: Drive to Succeed
          1. Playing to Win
          2. Success—A Journey and a Destination
          3. The Puzzle of the Zebra
          4. A Passion for Success or an Obsession with Winning?
          5. Start with Success in Mind
          6. Creating a Legacy
          7. The Power of Engaging Others
          8. What to Do Monday Morning: Get Inspired
      6. Spiritual Health
        1. CHAPTER 19: Higher Purpose
          1. Who I Am Inspires What I Do
          2. The Power of a Higher Purpose
          3. What Is Your Mission?
          4. Purposeful Leaders in Action
          5. Lead from Your Deepest Nature
          6. How to Lead with Higher Purpose
        2. CHAPTER 20: Global Connectedness
          1. Touching the World
          2. Navigating in a World without Borders
          3. Cultural Literacy: The Language of Global Connections
          4. Putting Your Global Literacy into Action
          5. Do You Have a Global Mindset?
          6. Sharing Your Lessons with the World
        3. CHAPTER 21: Generosity of Spirit
          1. Gratitude
          2. A Life of Thankfulness
          3. Deep in Our Minds, Deep in Our Bodies
          4. Making Generosity Your Business
          5. How Generous Is Your Company?
          6. The Social Responsibility Formula
          7. Spirituality and the Bottom Line
          8. A Master of “Responsible Entrepreneurship”
          9. The Spiritually Healthy Leader: Things to Consider
        4. CHAPTER 22: On Becoming a Healthy Leader
          1. The Channels at Work
          2. A Psychological Mri
          3. Inside Your Learning Channels
          4. Who Knows You Best?
    8. PART III: Putting Leadership into Action
      1. How Healthy Leaders Build Healthy Organizations
        1. CHAPTER 23: Tapping into a Higher Purpose
          1. Touching and Improving Lives
          2. Where Does Your Higher Purpose Fit In?
        2. CHAPTER 24: Forging a Shared Direction
          1. At One with the World
          2. Where Are You Going?
        3. CHAPTER 25: Unleashing Human Potential
          1. Leading from the Heart
          2. What Can You Do to Unlock People Potential?
        4. CHAPTER 26: Fostering Productive Relationships
          1. Making Connections with Stakeholders at Every Turn
          2. Are Your Relationships Truly Productive?
        5. CHAPTER 27: Seizing New Opportunities
          1. Leveraging Talent for Growth
          2. Do You Recognize Growth Opportunities?
        6. CHAPTER 28: Driving High Performance
          1. A Serial Entrepreneur Drives Performance
          2. Do You Deliver on Performance?
          3. Why Healthy Leadership Matters
    9. Grounded: A Change in Consciousness
    10. Acknowledgments
    11. About the Author
    12. More from Wiley
    13. Index
    14. About Healthy Companies

    Product information

    • Title: Grounded: How Leaders Stay Rooted in an Uncertain World
    • Author(s): Bob Rosen
    • Release date: October 2013
    • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
    • ISBN: 9781118680773