MicroProfile reactive messaging examples

In this section, we will cover some examples of using MP-RM to create CDI beans that produce and consume messages.

Let's say you want a CDI bean to act as a source of a Message<String> such that whenever its publishMessage(String) method is called, an MP-RM message is posted to some MP-RM channel. To do this, we need to define a connector that bridges between the CDI bean and the MP-RM layer. An example of an incoming message connector that does this is shown in the following code:

package io.pckt.reactive;import javax.enterprise.context.ApplicationScoped;import javax.inject.Inject;import org.eclipse.microprofile.config.Config;import org.eclipse.microprofile.reactive.messaging.Message;import org.eclipse.microprofile.reactive.messaging.spi. ...

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