31Resonance for Multitransducer Systems

Behraad Bahreyni


  1. 31.1 Introduction
  2. 31.2 Transduction Mechanisms
  3. 31.3 Modeling
  4. 31.4 Applications of Microresonators
    1. 31.4.1 Signal Processing
    2. 31.4.2 Sensing
    3. 31.4.3 Actuation
  5. 31.5 Interface Circuits
  6. 31.6 Resonance for Multitransducer Systems
  7. 31.7 Conclusions
  8. References

31.1 Introduction

In many engineering applications, resonance is undesired and avoided. In large-scale civil and mechanical engineering applications, the amplified displacements at resonance often cause excessive noise, accelerated aging, and even destruction of a device. Micromachined resonators, on the other hand, can undergo sustained resonance for extended duration that often exceeds their designed lifetime. This operation ...

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