Web Clips

If there's a certain Web site you visit all the time, like every day, even the four taps necessary to open it in the usual way (Home, Safari, Bookmarks, your site's name) can seem like overwhelming amounts of red tape. That's why Apple made it simple to add the icon of a certain Web page right on your Home screen.

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You can turn a part of a Web page into one of these Web clips, too. You might want quick access to the New York Times "most emailed" list, or the bestselling children's books on Amazon, or the most-viewed video on YouTube, or the box scores for a certain sports league.

All you have to do is zoom and scroll the page in Safari before you tap the + button, isolating the section you want. Later, when you open the Web clip, you'll see exactly the part of the Web page you wanted.

Start by opening the page in question.

Now tap the button at the bottom of the screen. In the button list, tap Add to Home Screen. Now you're offered the chance to edit the icon's name; finally, tap Add.

When you return to your Home screen, you'll see the new icon. You can move it around, drag it to a different Home screen, and so on, exactly as described on Rearranging the Home Screen.

Or, to delete ...

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