This book builds on Lean Six Sigma For Dummies (Wiley), which we wrote to make the topic easy to understand and apply. It’s important to understand and apply it because we feel that Lean Six Sigma can help organisations of all shapes and sizes, both private and public, improve their performance. We also feel that Lean Six Sigma can help organisations in their transformation journeys, enabling them to deploy their strategy more effectively.

Readers of this book need to have at least some knowledge of Lean Six Sigma. If this isn’t the case, we recommend you have a copy of Lean Six Sigma For Dummies (Wiley) to hand, as we make a number of references to that book which will help explain some of the terms and techniques we refer to in this book. Referring to another book so often isn’t the usual For Dummies practice, but in this instance we wanted to avoid repeating everything about Lean Six Sigma and making this book twice as long.

We also stress that an organisation can deploy Lean Six Sigma without going through a business transformation. Likewise, an organisation can go through a transformation without using Lean Six Sigma. Our focus in this book is to demonstrate how Lean Six Sigma can help an organisation deploy its strategy and successfully undertake transformation.

Lean Six Sigma provides a rigorous and structured approach to both help manage and improve performance, and to support the transformation of an organisation. It helps you use the right tools, in the ...

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