Chapter 13

Widening the Scope of the Transformation

In this Chapter

arrow Differentiating between types of organisational structure

arrow Focusing on the customer

arrow Scrutinising the supply chain

This chapter provides insights into approaches to extend the transformation approach across the organisation and beyond. We discuss how Lean Six Sigma can be deployed within different organisational structures; how to maintain and improve your focus on your customers; and how you can involve your suppliers in the transformation journey.

Looking at Different Organisational Structures

Organisational structures evolve over time and often become very complex, involving both divisional and functional hierarchies. A divisional structure often occurs when companies operate in multiple geographic regions and also when quite different products or services are provided to customers. Functional structures have separate reporting lines for each function, such as operations or finance. In planning and deploying the Lean Six Sigma transformation, you need to consider the existing organisational structure and how it will need to adapt to accommodate the needs of the transformation.

Ideally, a Lean Six Sigma organisational ...

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