Chapter 14

Managing the Capability Maturity Journey

In This Chapter

arrow Getting to grips with the capability maturity road map

arrow Creating the capability maturity matrix

arrow Sticking to the route

This chapter looks at pragmatic approaches to establishing Lean Six Sigma capability maturity during an ongoing multi-year business transformation programme. As you start out on the LSS transformation journey, you need to be able to establish whether the organisation is developing the required capability to execute the organisational transformation. It is essential that the organisation has the necessary resources and skills to enable it to successfully implement the improvements necessary for achieving the business transformation.

Introducing the Capability Maturity Model

In Chapter 3 we introduce the capability maturity roadmap for the business transformation and we briefly introduce several approaches based on different models. In this chapter we take a look at a specific capability model approach based on the DRIVE model.

The DRIVE capability maturity model has two aspects. The first is the five ‘gears’ that represent an increasing level of capability over time. The gears are rated from first ...

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