Chapter 15

Ten Tips for Smoothing the Transformation Process

In This Chapter

arrow Keeping lines of communication open

arrow Acknowledging each success

arrow Learning from your mistakes

This chapter summarises ten best practices to help you achieve a successful transformation. If you adopt these you are more likely to stay focused on the right things and carry the people you need along with you. There’s no panacea and your transformation journey may be long and challenging but you’ll make it seem shorter and straighter with these tips.

Obtain Leadership Ownership

Business transformation starts at the top. Success can only be achieved through having a clear overall vision and related business strategy. Obviously, it’s in implementing that strategy that things most often go wrong. Strategy is the responsibility of the leadership team of the organisation; so is its deployment. Hence obtaining leadership ownership is fundamental and critical to success.

Leadership ownership is both individual and collective. While individual leaders may be responsible for some particular aspect of strategy and transformation, success only comes about if all members of the leadership team fully buy into and support the ...

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