Chapter 12

Achieving Everyday Operational Excellence

In This Chapter

arrow Recognising the importance of training

arrow Identifying areas for improvement

arrow Staying the course and keeping focused

For everyday operational excellence to become a reality, managers and team leaders need to run their processes and activities effectively and efficiently. As Chapter 3 explains, these managers and leaders need to understand that their role is to work on their processes with the people in the processes to find ways of continuously improving performance. This chapter covers ensuring that people receive appropriate training, spotting improvement opportunities that benefit the organisation and give employees the chance to develop and master new skills, and keeping everyone on track for the long haul.

Deploying Lean Six Sigma Training

The people in the process need to feel that they’re able to challenge and improve the process and the way they work. To do so, they need to be engaged and empowered.

If people are to feel empowered, they need to feel that they’re being developed, and for that to happen the organisation must develop training plans. The primary focus in this chapter is on training people to develop ...

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