A photograph depicting various love padlocks locked to a fence.

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There are all kinds of values that both groups and individuals can recognize. Some of those values come naturally to you. Without them, you wouldn't be yourself. Other values are the ones you aspire to have. It will take effort for you to embrace them. For best effect, you should spin your values into a personal story.

Gary Hamel, What Matters Now1

When I signed the contract for my first book, Management 3.0, my publisher and I agreed on the deadline of August 1, 2010, for the delivery of my completed manuscript. The editor added that this deadline was just a formality. “We know you authors,” he said. “You almost never meet your deadlines, and that's okay. Just deliver whenever you're ready.” But I replied, “No, I'm not one of those authors. I intend to deliver my book on schedule.” And I did. I e-mailed the completed manuscript to the editor on August ...

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