Trellis plots

A Trellis plot is a layout of smaller charts in a grid with consistent scales. Each smaller chart represents an item in a category, named conditions. The data displayed on each smaller chart is conditional for the items in the category.

Trellis plots are useful for finding structures and patterns in complex data. The grid layout looks similar to a garden trellis, hence the name Trellis plots.

The following code helps in plotting a trellis chart where for each combination of sex and smoker/nonsmoker:

>>> tips_data = pd.read_csv('Data/tips.csv')
>>> plt.figure()
>>> plot = rplot.RPlot(tips_data, x='total_bill', y='tip')
>>> plot.add(rplot.TrellisGrid(['sex', 'smoker']))
>>> plot.add(rplot.GeomHistogram())
>>> plot.render(plt.gcf())

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