Chapter 5

Understanding Biomes and Mastering Farms

In This Chapter

arrow Exploring biomes

arrow Creating farms

arrow Raising animals

arrow Farming with and protecting against mobs

After you advance through the Stone Age and you develop basic food sources and weapons — in addition to gathering items from looting mobs — it’s time to begin farming.

Farming in Minecraft is based largely on the type of biome your avatar spawned into at the beginning of the game. Some biomes lend themselves to mining earlier than farming, so you might want to read Chapter 6 first. Some types of farming and mob interaction are common in all biomes.

All worlds have more than one biome (as in real life), so you can gather resources as you move through the biomes. Because punching wood is important early in the game, many players need to find a wood-based biome as soon as possible. In this chapter, we look at the staggering array of biomes (61 of them) that you can explore. Then we look at farming and, finally, explore the different ...

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