Chapter 19

Ten Helpful Building Tips and Tricks

In This Chapter

arrow Building a successful house

arrow Managing lighting

arrow Designing with blocks

The basic premise of Minecraft is to literally dig in and build stuff — a house, the base, storage places, farms, and more! It’s how you protect yourself from mobs, and how you progress in the game. In this chapter, we show you some simple tips for making it easier to build your next creation.

Making Your Starter Home Stylish

Building a stylish starter house, as shown in Figure 19-1, makes the game more fun and lets you show off to your friends. You can make your house a home by following a few simple steps.

Start with a square or rectangle. When building a rectangle, go to one of the longer sides of the house, and in the middle of the wall, knock out 1 block of the wall if there are an odd number of blocks on the row, or knock out 2 blocks if there are an even number of blocks. On a square house, choose any side and do the same thing.

Wherever you make the hold is where the door will be placed, so place the door (or double door) in the hole you just ...

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