I’m very grateful to the folks who swiped and typed with me to create, shape, and smash this book into Mobile Magic: the very smart and sharp Jill Scharr, and the editorial and the making-it-happen-ness of Mat Newman and Brian Sweeney. Cheers for the many phone calls, Skypes, Dropbox drops, time zone conversions, and long talks around Charles Saatchi’s old desk.

Steve Nowicki was invaluable as the technical advisor throughout the writing and prep for the book.

A big thanks for telling the stories of the case studies goes to Julie Anderla and Greg Pearson from General Mills and Lucky Charms; Alastair Green from TeamOne Advertising; and Per Jaldeborg from Saatchi & Saatchi Sweden.

Thanks to Kane McPherson and the team at Saatchi & Saatchi Design Worldwide in New Zealand for working with me on this book. is a site that I look to for inspiration and as an ongoing resource. Many thanks to Andy Favell, Digital Strategist and Editor of, for sharpening points for me enroute to his holidays.

There were many other people whose wisdom and assistance went into the final product of this book. Thank you to Kevin Roberts, Andrew Plimmer, Danielle von Scheiner, Kedma Brown, Sara Morton, Jeremy Macey, Sarah Tan, Chris Plimmer, Heidi Young, Bill Cochrane, Tanya Lesieur, and Michael Thibodeau. And Greg Socha and Berkeley, of course.

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