Fiber Optical Sensors in Biomechanics

Paulo Roriz1,2,3,4, and Antonio B. Lobo Ribeiro5     1Institute University of Maia (ISMAI), Maia, Portugal     2INESC TEC, Porto, Portugal     3LABIOMEP, Porto Biomechanics Laboratory, Porto, Portugal     4CIDESD-ISMAI, CIDESD, Maia, Portugal     5University Fernando Pessoa, Porto, Portugal


This chapter introduces the use of fiber optic sensors in biomechanics applications. It starts by presenting the field of biomechanics and the technical reasons that make fiber optic sensors an interesting tool for measuring in biomechanics applications. It then explains the application of fiber optic sensors in the biomechanics of rigid bodies, then moves on to deformable bodies, and finishes with fluids, in particular ...

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