Area charts

Create an ojChart component using the type area binding with an ID. Provide different values for the groups and series with a default orientation of horizontal. The following is an example for an area chart:

  • HTML:
        <div id='chart-container'>          <div id="areaChart" data-bind="ojComponent: {            component: 'ojChart',            type: 'area',            series: areaSeriesValue,            groups: areaGroupsValue,            animationOnDisplay: 'auto',            animationOnDataChange: 'auto',            orientation: orientationValue,            stack: stackValue,            hoverBehavior: 'dim'          }"          style="max-width:500px;width:100%;height:350px;">          </div>          <div id="myToolbar" aria-label="Chart Display Options Toolbar"            aria-controls="areaChart" data-bind="ojComponent:           {component:'ojToolbar'}" style="max-width:500px;width:100%;"> ...

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