Form controls

Form controls are the components that help us indicate that one or more elements in the page are controlled to edit, read only, or disabled. When the form controls are disabled, you can't enter data into those components, whereas when they are enabled by the control components, you can go ahead and edit the data in the other fields.

The following example demonstrates the three states – Enabled, Disabled, and ReadOnly for the form components:

  • HTML:
        <div id="form-container">           <div>            <h5>Set State</h5>            <div class="oj-buttonset-width-auto"             data-bind="ojComponent: { component: 'ojButtonset',                                       checked: formState}">              <label for="enabled">Enabled</label>              <input type="radio" name="formstate" value="enabled" id="enabled" data-bind="ojComponent: ...

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