Palm Synergy Services

Palm Synergy integrates personal information from various sources on the Web and presents it in a single view so that users can see all in one place. Yet the information is maintained in such a way that users can keep things separate when they have to. The integration is at the visual or presentation layer, while the separation is maintained at the data layer.

The core Synergy applications are Contacts, Calendar, Email, and Messaging, but the concept is general enough that you can expect other applications to be supported over time. All Synergy applications can be launched through the Application Manager service, and Email and Messaging can be used to send messages with the user’s approval, similar to the way the Phone application is used.

The Contacts and Calendar application service interfaces can do a bit more, allowing applications to add contacts or calendar events, distinguished by their own data sources. These features are designed for occasional use, serving the needs of applications that want to add single records rather than fully scaled sync solutions.

Account Manager

All Synergy applications require an established account before any other operations can take place. There is an implicit “Palm” account that all information created and stored on the device belongs to, but any other information must be provided by an application with an explicit account ID. The account determines all access permissions; data belonging to an account can only be accessed ...

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