Rebooting Your Brain

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Learn—and teach others—to embrace change and collaboration

In Rebooting Your Brain: Using Motivational Intelligence to Adjust Your Mindset, Reach Your Goals, and Realize Unlimited Success, leadership development and sales expert, David Naylor delivers an incisive exploration of why people struggle and how to escape the shackles that hold individuals and organizations back. Leveraging the latest insights of cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and evolutionary biology, the book presents an easy to leverage framework that allows people to understand the exact steps necessary to let go the limiting beliefs and perspectives that create unhappiness, dissatisfaction and mediocrity.

Relying on the author’s unique and effective 2logical motivational intelligence-based solutions, readers will discover how to build greater success in both their career and personal life.

Readers will also find:

  • Explorations of what holds people back and how to remove those obstacles
  • Strategies for promoting and encouraging accountability, open-mindedness, listening, reflection, engagement, and drive
  • Techniques for reducing or eliminating risk aversion, closed-mindedness, negative attitudes, fear and instant gratification bias

An essential and practical book perfect for team leaders, managers, executives, directors, and other business leaders, Rebooting Your Brain is the evidence- and cognitive science-based resource that leaders everywhere have been waiting for.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Preface
  6. PART 1: When Everything Changed
    1. CHAPTER 1: My Reboot
      1. My Broken Brain
      2. Then It All Changed
      3. The Outcome of My Reboot
    2. CHAPTER 2: Doing Your Own Reboot
    3. CHAPTER 3: The Brain You Were Born With
      1. Looking in the Mirror at the “You” of Your Youth
      2. Letting Go of the Fear of Failing
    4. CHAPTER 4: What Goes Wrong with Our Brain and Why?
      1. Broadening Our Perspective on Ourselves
      2. Understanding the Aspects of “You” That Evolution Cares About
      3. Your Survivor Brain
      4. Your Communicator Brain
      5. Your Solver/Critical Brain
      6. What Evolution Handed You and Me
    5. CHAPTER 5: Modern Life with Our Ancient Mind
  7. PART 2: Becoming the New You: Your Mental Reboot
    1. CHAPTER 6: For Your Reboot: The Power of Choice Is Your Most Important Asset
      1. The Power of What We Choose to Believe
      2. The Challenge with Choice
      3. The Journey Ahead: Making Our Most Important Choices
    2. CHAPTER 7: Rebooting Your Control of You
      1. Recognizing When Victim Thinking Knocks at the Door
      2. What Is Ultimate Responsibility?
      3. Taking Ownership of You?
      4. Your Obstacles Form the Foundation of Your Success
      5. Shifting Our Perspective on Control
      6. Stand Up and Take Control
    3. CHAPTER 8: Rebooting Your Limitless Ability to Learn
      1. Adversities Will Always Arise and Problems Will Always Present Themselves
      2. Shifting Our Perspective on Learning
      3. Reflecting on How We Are Reflecting
    4. CHAPTER 9: Rebooting Your Thought Process
      1. Why Are Our Thoughts So Powerful?
      2. Creating a New and Better Plan
      3. Living Our Life According to Our Plans
      4. Changing Our Mind
      5. What Are Your Thoughts?
  8. PART 3: Rebooting Your Happiness and Letting Go of Limiting Perceptions
    1. CHAPTER 10: To Find Happiness, You Must “Unbecome”
      1. Before You Can Have, You Must “Unbecome”
      2. Clearing the Clutter in Your Mental Operating System
      3. The Truths and Myths
    2. CHAPTER 11: Myth: Some People Have “It,” but You Don't
      1. Exploring the Idea of Talent
      2. Accepting Reality
      3. What If You Could Learn Anything?
      4. Changing Our Perspective: The Truth About Talent and Ability
      5. Five Steps for Rebooting Our Improved Perspective
      6. Thinking “Right” Activity
    3. CHAPTER 12: Myth: Circumstances Control Your Destiny
      1. Changing Our Perspective: The Truth About Being in the Right Place at the Right Time
      2. Your Mindset Matters Most
      3. Four Steps for Rebooting Your Improved Perspective
      4. Thinking “Right” Activity
    4. CHAPTER 13: Myth: There Is Always a Shortcut
      1. Consciously Picking Your Path
      2. Changing Our Perspective: The Truth About Minimums Versus Maximums
      3. Four Steps for Rebooting Your Improved Perspective
      4. Thinking “Right” Activity
    5. CHAPTER 14: Myth: To Succeed You Need to Be Lucky
      1. Your Success and Luck
      2. Changing Our Perspective: Manufacturing Our Own Luck
      3. Thinking “Right” Activity
    6. CHAPTER 15: Myth: Success Happens Overnight
      1. Happiness and Success Are Often Built on a Foundation of Setbacks
      2. Changing Our Perspective: Developing Persistence and Self‐Motivation
      3. Thinking “Right” Activity
    7. CHAPTER 16: Super Myth: Failure Should Be Avoided
      1. Changing Our Perspective: Making Failure Our Friend
      2. Thinking “Right” Activity
    8. CHAPTER 17: Super Myth: Feedback Can Be Negative
      1. Changing Our Perspective: Making All Feedback Positive (Even the Bad Stuff)
      2. Thinking “Right” Activity
    9. CHAPTER 18: Super Myth: You Should Be Afraid of Fear
      1. The Changing Role of Fear
      2. Changing Our Perspective: Becoming Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
      3. Thinking “Right” Activity
  9. PART 4: Finding Your Peace of Mind and Defining the Rebooted You
    1. CHAPTER 19: Finding Peace in Your Time
      1. Find Peace in Your Time
      2. Where Are You Living?
      3. Living in Our Thoughts of the Past
      4. Living in Our Thoughts of the Future
      5. Living with Our Thoughts Focused on the Present
      6. Leveraging Your Golden Hour
      7. Time Expands
      8. Thinking Right Activity
    2. CHAPTER 20: Finding Peace Through Love
      1. Greed Is Good
      2. The Givers …
      3. … And the Takers
      4. Thinking Right Activity
    3. CHAPTER 21: Redefining the Rebooted You
      1. If  You Don't Define Yourself, Others Will Try To
      2. Sometimes the Simplest Decisions Can Make All the Difference
      3. Defining Your Path
      4. Defining Your Person
      5. Focus and Consistency Are Your Friends
      6. A Final Thought
  10. APPENDIX: Rebooting Your Beliefs and Perspective Affirmation Plan
    1. Rebooting Your Life Action Plan
    2. Important Questions to Consistently Ask Yourself
    3. Common Mistakes to Avoid
    4. Rebooting Your Peace of Mind Plan
  11. Acknowledgments
  12. About the Author
  13. Index
  14. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Rebooting Your Brain
  • Author(s): David Naylor
  • Release date: August 2023
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781394157853